Hey Anthem! Happy “almost” summer! While you dream of change of weather, change of pace, and whatever else comes with your summer days, we wanted to invite you to save the dates for something new we are experimenting with this year. While our Community Groups take a break for the summer we have invited some Anthem voices to lead us through specific equipping classes. We are so excited about what they have to lead us through on the topics of parenting, finances and Old Testament biblical studies. We hope you take advantage of a class or two!

Class Schedules


This three week course is built on the foundation of God’s Word and over 34 years of investing in families. The workshop is focused on helping parents prepare their kids for a life of following Jesus and mature relationships.

One of the keys we’ve learned over the years is that parenting is not one skill and/or approach. We will share 5 stages of parenting, each of which demands a unique approach and set of skills. All of this becomes more important as your kids enter the teenage years. We want to help you “partner” with your kids on their journey to adulthood. We will focus on specific skills and tools to help you as parents to deepen your influence in your kids’ lives.

Child Care not provided.

Led By: Steve & Connie Larson

Cost: $10/family

When: TWO OPTIONS - Fridays from 6:00-8:30pm

- Session 1: July 12, 19, 26
- Session 2: August 2, 9, 16


Reading through the Old Testament can be a daunting task. Often times we hear things like “it doesn’t really apply to us” or “it’s outdated” and when we read it, sometimes those things can feel accurate. The truth is, however, that the Old Testament is where it all began! It’s God unfolding His plan of redemption through His people, His chosen nation, Israel. Intro to the Old Testament will provide a framework that will help you properly navigate through the overarching story of the Old Testament. It will give context to all the stories you’ve heard like Daniel and the lion’s den, Joseph and his coat of many colors, and many more.

This class is for people who might lack confidence in their biblical literacy concerning the Old Testament or for people who feel lost or intimidated every time they open to the first half of God’s Word. By the end of this class, you will feel more comfortable and confident diving into the Old Testament, as well as have new and eye-opening insights when you continually return to the Gospels and meet the person of Jesus: the one whom all the Old Testament scriptures point to.

This class will take place Wednesday nights for six weeks. Can’t make them all? That’s okay! I still encourage you to sign up, as something can be gained from each class on its own.

Child Care not provided.

Led By: Danae Mock

Cost: $5

When: Wednesdays - 7:30-9:00pm (July 10th - August 14th)

Financial Peace University:

Join us as we go through Dave Ramsey’s curriculum via video while meeting as a class, where we’ll learn how to get out of debt, build a healthy understanding of money, how to make a budget, and how to save for the future.

Over 5 million people have gone through Financial Peace University over the years, and it has proven to be a very helpful tool in navigating conversations around finances.

Child Care not provided.

Hosted by: Matt & Erica Deseno

Cost: $110 (actual cost from FPU)

When: Thursdays - 7:00-8:30pm (July 11th - August 15th)


Have you heard the phrase, "Perspective is everything"? Well, the older I get, the more I see the wisdom in this phrase. It is true that God's perspective, as revealed in the Gospel, is the one perspective that really counts in this life and is the inspiration for this course. This course is designed to equip you with a better ability to know the perspectives of the Gospel and how to apply them victoriously to your life. 

In the weeks ahead, we will take a close look into the following Gospel Perspectives of:
- Who is God
- Who am I and what is my purpose
- Relationships
- Work
- The Church and the world

Child Care not provided.

Led by: Drew Blaisdell

Cost: $5

When: Tuesdays - 7:00-8:30pm (July 9th - August 13th)


If you have questions about summer school please reach out to ryan@anthemchurch.org.