Bringing kids? Great! While there will be no childcare, we LOVE families praying together so your kids are welcome to come and participate with you. The normal noises of kids aren't a distraction to the night so don't stress about them being silent but here are some tips to help make the most of the time:

  • If you have younger ones, bring a stroller, some snacks, a carrier or something for them to play with while you pray. If they are old enough to sit and play, maybe bring a blanket for them to sit on as "their space" (the room will be mostly set up without chairs). Remember that even if they can't yet participate they are soaking in what it means to be a part of the church.

  • Encourage your older kids to join in with you! Of course they may need to break off and do some reading, homework or coloring for part of the time so those are great things to bring along as well. Typically the night is broken up into 20 minute or so blocks (split between worship and prayer segments) so there will be enough movement for them to pop in and out of participating and doing quiet activities near you.

  • Remember there is no childcare so no one else will be watching your kids. Prep them for what will be happening beforehand and encourage them that this will be a time to join in with you. Their friends may be there too but its not a time to run around with friends because they will be participating too!

We know this takes some's not natural to our kids come prepared to be active parents and participants. We believe what you sacrifice in focus is worth what you gain in showing your kids what it means to pray!

Don't have kids with you? Remember you are being watched! Sounds creepy but it is true. There will be little eyes soaking in what it means to follow Jesus and live as He did. We encourage you to meet their glances (and their noises) with a smile, encourage their parents, offer patience. It's no small thing to be a community modeling what it means to follow Jesus for the next generation...what a privilege!