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This Easter we're so excited to be celebrating our risen King at the Thousand Oaks High School football field. We have been dreaming of doing this for years and we feel that now an amazing time and opportunity for us to lift his name high on that field. 

For us to pull this off we are praying that God will put together a team of people who will volunteer time and energy to putting this event together. We want to see our church family come together in preparing and putting together this Easter celebration.

Please consider signing up for one of our many volunteer teams.

We are praying weekly and daily that God would move in an awesome way in our local community. Please join with us to make this a great Easter 2017. 



(listed in alphabetical order)


DESIGN TEAM (8 needed)

  • Led by Laura Giuliani

  • DESIGN / FLORAL TEAM (4 needed): Have an eye for and skill in design, floral, or anything else that will help us turn the stadium into a warm and welcoming environment for people? Help Laura turn the stadium into a space that feels much more “us”!

  • BUILDING TEAM (4 needed): We’ll have a fair amount of things that need to be built, so if you’re handy with tools and like building things, come help us out!



  • Led by Liz Ong

  • COFFEE TEAM (6 needed): People love coffee! Help us plan, prep, and serve coffee.

  • GREETER TEAM (6 needed): Help people by giving a smiling face and a warm welcome.

  • USHER TEAM (8 needed): Help people with whatever needs they may have (finding bathrooms, getting another cookie, cleaning up a spill, etc.)

  • WELCOME BAG TEAM (20 needed): We want everyone who joins us to feel welcomed and informed about who we are. One of the ways we’ll do this is by handing out “welcome bags” with a cookie and information cards to each person. Want to help by making cookies or stuffing bags? Join this team!


MEDIA TEAM (6 needed)

  • Led by Ryan Hinkle

  • PHOTOGRAPHY TEAM (4 needed): We’re sure that people will all have their phones out taking pictures during the day, but we’d love to have four people who may have professional photography experience who can take pictures throughout the day for us to use to celebrate the day, and for future website content.

  • VIDEOGRAPHY TEAM (2 needed): Much like the Photography Team, we’d love to have a pair of people capturing video through the day for future use.


PARKING TEAM (10 needed)

  • Led by Ted Fitch

  • With around 1,000 people showing up for one big service, there’s going to be a big need for cars to be assisted in parking quickly and efficiently. We’d love to have a group who are excited about expressing our hospitality in how we help people find a parking spot!


PRAYER TEAM (10 needed)

  • Led by Josh Weigel

  • Prayer is going to play a big part of our day together that day. We’ll be presenting the Gospel, and praying for the Holy Spirit to bring many back to Jesus. We’ll have a team of people who are ready and trained in caring for people who want to respond to Jesus!



  • Led by Ryan Hinkle

  • Help us get the word out! Do you specialize in online marketing, or just spend a bunch of time in coffee shops with message boards? We’d love to do all we can to get the word out to the community!


TEARDOWN TEAM (10 needed)

  • Led by Ryan Hinkle

  • Help us get the stadium all cleared up and ready for the students of TOHS the next day!



  • Still looking for a Team Lead!

  • Although this is going to be a family service, and we will not have our full Anthem Kids up and running, we are going to provide a space for parents of toddlers to let their kids run around a bit and get their wiggles out. If you’d like to help prepare this space and make friends with any parents who use the Toddler Zone, we’d love your help!


VENUE PREP TEAM (10 needed)

  • Led by Phil Rivera

  • This group could also be called, “Extra Muscle.” ;)   We’re going to have plenty of things that need to be setup, wiped down, cleaned up, and lifted, and we’re hoping to have a group of people who can be available to help with things like that!
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